Cookie Monster Callan

Hey there!

It’s a rainy day in Dallas and we’re packing up to head to Lubbock and refill our favorite spot – Apple Tree Cafe! Call it nepotism but we’re very partial to the place considering the owner is a Texas Tech grad, Greek and oh LulaMae’s uncle. He is also one of the namesakes of Uncle T’s eggnog.

Speaking of namesakes, today we’re chatting about one of our newest flavors – Cookie Monster Callan! Did you know every one of our flavors is named after a significant person, place, or a patron suggestion? Yup! You’ll never see just “cookie dough” on our menu. We keep it creative like that.

Callan is my nephew, and he is in fact a cookie monster. One Christmas his only breakfast request was cookies. When he received a bag of biscotti over the holidays, they were gone on the 15 minute car ride home. Several flavors are named after family members, so it was obviously this little guy’s turn! Bonus – his mom’s favorite flavor is cookies n cream, so fitting his flavor would resemble that yumminess. PS she is also a boss babe, being the co-owner of Hari Mari. The family is stocked on sweets and sandals!

We have a lot of fun coming up with menu varieties and always love outside input. Shoot us an email, insta message, etc if you have an idea!

The LulaMade Team