LulaMade Biscotti Bar Featured on Dallas TidBits

We’re so excited to be featured on Dallas TidBits! Check out what they had to say about our biscotti!

“Cute calories don’t count.

That’s our motto now that we’re besotted with the darling LulaMade Biscotti Bar. Zoe Horton’s authentic desserts are a shout-out to her Greek heritage and her yia yia’s recipe for paximathia, the Greek version of biscotti, which is fluffier and topped with sea salt. (Yum.) Consider the house choice classic Lulafetti—made of coconut flour, almond paste and topped with rainbow sprinkles—or her special summertime James and the Giant Peach Bellini with a pinch of prosecco extract. This kitchen creative will blow your mind with a savory version called the Crew Bleu made of Mozzarella Company’s Bleu Cheese, walnuts and cayenne.” 

Too pretty to measure.” 

via Dallas TidBits

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